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The Importance of Cybersecurity

Every day we rely more and more on computers, smartphones, the internet, entertainment, transportation and even medicine. That’s why strong cybersecurity is critical.

Cyberattacks can steal proprietary information, damage your financial security, disrupt business services and harm your reputation. The good news is that there are many ways to thwart attackers.

Information Security

Information security is about protecting information in any form, whether it’s digital or physical. It includes systems and policies that prevent unauthorized access to information, as well as protecting it from damage or theft.

It also protects the integrity of information, as well as the authentication and confidentiality of that information. This may be done through monitoring, auditing and testing of system infrastructure and software to ensure it’s not compromised or attacked by malware, hackers or insiders.

InfoSec teams are also responsible for securing end-user protection tools, such as anti-virus software and firewalls. Employees need to be properly trained on how to use these tools and understand the importance of avoiding social engineering and phishing attacks, for example. It’s also vital to keep these tools updated and running, so they can detect threats and provide timely defences. This reduces the risk of a data breach, as well as speeding up investigation and response times in case a breach does occur.

Network Security

As more information is stored on digital systems and transmitted across wired and wireless networks, including the omnipresent internet, cyber security solutions are critical. This data can include customer information, proprietary intellectual property and financial records. It can also be accessed by criminals or terrorists who can use this information to commit fraud, corporate espionage and other crimes.

A good cyber security strategy will include network security tools to prevent unauthorized access and attacks, detect those attacks in progress and respond quickly to minimize the impact. Cybersecurity solutions will also help ensure that only those who have a need to be on the network can get there.

Every business needs a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy in place to protect against costly disruptions and the loss of vital data. The costs of a cyber attack can include substantial fines, lost productivity and damaged reputation. There are also non-financial costs that can be incurred from the leaking of personal data that may result in identity theft.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management, or IAM, is a crucial part of cybersecurity strategies. It is a broad framework of policies and technologies that manages users and their access to technology resources on a network. IAM systems can reduce the risk of data breaches by providing granular access control to corporate data and applications.

This includes the ability to monitor employee usage of privileged information. IAM also helps to ensure compliance with a host of regulatory standards, including HIPAA, SOX and Sarbanes-Oxley.

This highly specialized offshoot of IT, often led by the CIO or CISO, can be lucrative because of its widespread impact on business and the wide range of skills needed to succeed in this field. IAM is a complex and fast-growing area that offers plenty of opportunities for professional development. Cybersecurity professionals who focus on IAM are often in high demand. This field is poised to become even more lucrative as businesses continue to depend on digital technology.

Data Security

Data is at the core of every organization and is a prime target for criminals looking to steal, damage or disrupt operations. Cybersecurity strategies and technologies protect digital data from attacks by ensuring that the right people have the right access to the information they need.

In addition to protecting against threats that could expose sensitive or confidential information, cybersecurity involves defending the technology that stores and processes that data. This includes the network, computers and mobile devices employees use to access information. It also includes cloud services and the security of digital environments like the Internet of Things.

Regular news reports of cyberattacks and data breaches leave no doubt that strong security is essential in today’s digital world. But determining the best strategy to defend against cyber threats can be complex. This guide provides simple explanations and advice to help you be more secure online. Whether you’re an IT professional or simply a consumer of digital services.

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USCYBERCOM and Industry Partnerships to Strengthen Deterrence and Deterrence

Malicious cyber activity – hacking, cyberespionage, equipment malfunctions – has made cybersecurity a pressing concern. That reality drove the Department to design USCYBERCOM to engage adversaries in persistent campaigns below the level of armed conflict to strengthen deterrence and gain advantages.

The Department now integrates these operations into campaign and contingency planning as part of integrated deterrence. Our 2023 cyber strategy outlines how we will adjust our enterprise to advance these priorities.

Defend the Nation

The Department of Defense requires full-spectrum capabilities to defend its information networks and critical infrastructure from cyber espionage, sabotage, and influence operations that originate abroad. These capabilities need to be developed and refined through whole-of-nation plans, including a new set of priorities outlined in the 2023 National Cyberspace Strategy.

The Cyberspace Solarium Commission recommends that the Department develop comprehensive national cybersecurity operations to deter adversaries and promote a secure and resilient digital ecosystem for U.S. government and commercial systems alike. These operations will complement concurrent actions by the diplomatic, law enforcement, and intelligence communities, enabling the Department to leverage its unique advantages in a contested cyber domain.

Cybersecurity efforts will include pursuing investigations, prosecuting criminals, and developing policies that disrupt the online infrastructure that facilitates cyberattacks and enables them to be financially profitable for cybercriminals. The Department will also support whole-of-Government efforts to raise cybersecurity standards in order to reduce the utility of malicious cyber activity and make it more difficult for adversaries to disrupt the vital services Americans depend on every day.

Support the Joint Force

Many states and non-state actors see cyber means as a powerful force multiplier in achieving their objectives. They target our nation’s critical infrastructure, disrupt our operations, and erode our military advantage.

The Department’s National Mission Force teams defend the nation by seeing adversary activity, blocking attacks, and maneuvering to defeat them. Combat mission teams conduct military cyberspace operations in support of combatant commands. And Cyber Protection Teams defend the DoD Information Network, protect priority missions, and prepare cyber forces for combat.

The Department also bolsters interagency and international collaborations to aid attribution, defend networks, sanction bad behavior, and take the fight to our adversaries overseas. This includes the Department’s continued efforts to align DIB contract incentives with cybersecurity requirements, as well as its ongoing partnership with small-to-medium-sized businesses to improve information-sharing and encourage reporting of suspected malicious cyber activity.

Enable and Empower Allies and Partners

Achieving a safe, stable, and secure cyberspace requires cooperation from partners around the world. NSA works with allies and industry to share vulnerability information, promote cybersecurity awareness and research, and build partnerships that enhance capability.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, adversaries seek to undermine democratic societies and our way of life. From ransomware gangs to state-sponsored attacks, these threats present complex challenges for the Department and its partners.

USCYBERCOM is transforming to address these new, cross-domain challenges. The Command is expanding its mission capabilities with two components – the Cyber National Mission Force (CNMF) and Joint Force Headquarters-DoD Information Network (JFHQ-DoDIN). These efforts support the Department’s 2023 Cyber Strategy of “Defend Forward.” They also enable all of DoD to operate more effectively in this dynamic, contested domain. The Command’s growing partnership with industry, academia, and all of civil society helps defend against emerging threats. The Command’s “whole-of-society” approach is exemplified by the Cyber Civil Defense initiative, launched in 2022.

Enable the Defense Industrial Base

Many companies in the defense industrial base (DIB) rely on information systems to conduct their business, including providing critical products and services to DOD. They invest in cybersecurity despite lack of traditional economic incentives because it’s the right thing to do for our warfighters, it protects brand credibility with top customers, and it reduces risks in their supply chains.

Adversaries like Russia and the People’s Republic of China see cyber activity as a key part of their strategies to challenge our conventional military strength and degrade our operational capabilities. They are launching prolonged campaigns of espionage, theft, and compromise against our key networks and the broader DIB.

To enable the DIB, the Department is implementing a range of cyber threat information-sharing efforts, including aligning contract incentives with cybersecurity requirements for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Similarly, DOD continues to expand the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Program to offer no-cost cybersecurity services to qualified small-to-medium-sized businesses that do business with the Department.

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